Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peter Pan Flannel Board Story

This 27 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is the story of Peter Pan.

Set Includes:
Baby Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Michael, John, Fairy Dust, Button, Thimble, Soap, Shadow, Window, Story Book, Indians, Crying, Captain Hook, Pirate Ship, Pirates, Smee, Mermaids, Croc, Plank, Medicine, Poison, Arrow, Treehouse, and Lost Boys.
(Captain Hook Measures 4 inches tall)
Also included is a laminated copy of the story.
(See Exerpt from story below.)

Exerpt from the story:
"A long time ago a there was a baby born, named Peter. Peter wasn’t like other babies. He wanted to stay a little boy forever and never grow up. So, he ran away from home and lived in the park with a fairy, named Tinkerbell.
After a while she taught him how to fly and they flew away to a place called Neverland where Peter could stay a little boy forever.
There were other boys in Neverland who didn’t want to grow up. Peter called them the lost boys and Peter became their leader.
Peter Pan and the Lost Boys had lots of adventures playing with the Indians and fighting with the Pirates. But Peter also loved to hear bedtime stories. For that he would fly back to earth. There he would sit at the Darling children’s’ nursery window and listen to the older sister, Wendy, tell stories to her two younger brothers, John and Michael.
One night as he was listening to Wendy, Peter’s shadow got away from him and snuck inside. When the children were asleep he and his fairy friend, Tinkerbell, climbed in after it..."

Felt Story Price: Uncut $10, Pre-cut $12
Shipping: $2 for the first Story, $0.50 for each additional story
Magnetic Story Price: Uncut $13, Pre-cut $15
Shipping: $3 for the first story, $1.00 for each additional story

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