Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Blue Engine Who Could Flannel Board Story

This 14 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is the story of The Little Blue Engine Who Could.

Set Includes:
Black Engine, Shiny Engine, Red Engine, Blue Engine, Train Cars, Dolls, Teddy Bear, Clown, Toys, Food, Puff (smoke), Mountain, Children, and Thinking Bubble. (Engine measures 2.5 inches tall)
Also included is a laminated copy of the story.
(See exerpt from story below)

Exerpt from the Story:
"The next train that came down the track was a little blue engine. He was a very little engine, but he was the toys last hope. When the toys asked the little blue engine if he would help them get over the mountain, the little blue engine thought about it and said he knew he was little, but he would be happy to try.
The little blue engine backed up and hooked onto the train. The dolls, the teddy bear, and the clown got back into their cars. And then the little blue said, “I think I can get over the mountain. I think I can. I think I can.”
The little blue engine pulled and tugged and finally the train began to move. Slowly, slowly he headed up the mountain all the while chanting, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...”

Felt Story Price: Uncut $10, Pre-cut $12
Shipping: $2 for the first Story, $0.50 for each additional story
Magnetic Story Price: Uncut $13, Pre-cut $15
Shipping: $3 for the first story, $1.00 for each additional story


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