Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emperor's New Clothes Flannel Board Story

This 13 piece "printed" flannel board story made from my own original pictures is the story of The Emperor's New Clothes.

Set Includes:
Emperor, Castle, Tailors, Sewing Machine, Thread, Advisor, Servants, Mirror, Emperor in "new clothes", Bags of Gold, People, Father and Son, and Laughing.
(Emperor measures 4 inches)
Also included is a laminated copy of the story.
(see exerpt from story below)

Exerpt from the story:
"The emperor was so excited to have these unique and wonderful clothes that he immediately hired the tailors. The emperor asked them what they needed to begin working. The tailors asked for a sewing machine, and some gold thread. They told the emperor that they already had their magically wonderful fabric with them and they would begin work at once.
After a few hours the emperor asked one of his smartest advisors to go check on the tailors and see how the clothes were coming. When the advisor went to the work room the tailors told him they were almost finished. They told him to touch the clothes and feel the softness of the fabric. They asked him how he liked the colors they had chosen for the emperor. The advisor got very nervous, not being able to see anything at all, he thought he must be too stupid to see the magical fabric. He didn’t want anyone to think he was stupid so he told the tailors he thought the colors were beautiful and the fabric was the softest he’d ever felt. He told them he would let the emperor know what a wonderful job they were doing..."

Felt Story Price: Uncut $10, Pre-cut $12
Shipping: $2 for the first Story, $0.50 for each additional story
Magnetic Story Price: Uncut $13, Pre-cut $15
Shipping: $3 for the first story, $1.00 for each additional story

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