Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rumplestiltskin Flannel Board Story

Set Includes: Miller, Miller's Daughter, King, Spinning Wheel, Straw, Spun Gold, Window, Rumplestiltskin, Crying, Pearl Necklace, Ruby Ring, Castle, Wedding Bell, Baby, List, and Stomping Foot. (Father is 4 inches tall)
Also included is a laminated copy of the story.
(see exerpt from story below)

Exerpt from the story:
"Once upon a time there was a poor miller who did not know when to stop exaggerating. He had a daughter that was very pretty, and very clever. He was always boasting about all the things she could do. One day the miller had business with the king and began to brag about his daughter. When nothing seemed to impress the king he told him that she could even spin straw into gold. Now that got the king's attention and he wanted to meet the daughter. He asked the miller to send her to the palace. But he told him that if he had lied he would kill the girl.
The daughter was very upset that her dad had got her into such a mess. But the king had ordered for her to come, so she put on her best clothes and went.
When she arrived at the palace he put her in a room of straw with a spinning wheel and told her he'd be back in the morning and the straw better all be gold. The girl began to stamp her feet and howl in frustration. When she stopped to take a breath she heard a scratching at the window and when she opened it in popped a little bitty man. He asked her what was wrong. So she told him the whole story. And he told her that he could spin the gold, if she would give him her necklace. So she gave him the necklace and he set to work..."

Felt Stories Price: Uncut $10. Pre-cut $12.
Shipping: $2.oo for the first story, $0.50 for each additional story
Magnetic Stories Price: Uncut $13.00, Pre-cut $15.00
Shipping: $3.00 for the first story, $1.00 for each additional story

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